Tuesday, July 21, 2009


As a psychic medium, I am often asked the question “What happens when my child passes away as an infant and can he or she communicate with me from the spirit world?”

The loss of a child is the hardest and longest lasting pain that we may ever endure. When a baby dies, either in the womb, or after birth, our spiritual loved ones care for this little soul. When I receive communication from a baby who didn’t have much life experience with the current family, or verbally did not yet learn how to communicate or express their feelings, at first they tend to communicate through an older relative on the other side such as grandparents, aunts, older siblings, etc. They usually remain visually young when they appear and sometimes they appear as the age they would be now, but never old when they make their presence known. They will develop spiritually, emotionally and mentally on the astral plane. Instead of experiencing the hassle of the physical life, they can remain a part of our family just by observing from the non-physical world.

Babies or children can usually adapt to their new life in the astral world much more quickly than adults, largely because they had not yet been fully indoctrinated into the ways of the physical world. Babies feel at home in the astral world almost immediately as it has not been very long since they originally left that world to be born into the physical life, which they have recently departed. Such children will still vividly remember their previous life in the astral or spirit world. To such infants their stay on earth was nothing more than a very short adventure, often with a specific purpose in their own individual evolution and progress on their path. Fortunately for their families, they are still able to, and absolutely do remain connected to and will always help watch over their loved ones from the place where they call “Home”.

Written by: Kim Russo “The Happy Medium”

Contact information: Kimthehappymedium.com

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