Saturday, November 7, 2009


Have you ever heard the phrase "be careful what you wish for". There is a great deal of truth contained in a statement such as this one. The Universal Law of Attraction is very simple in its definition and that is "like attracts like". You get what you put your energy and focus on, whether wanted or unwanted. The Law of attraction is neutral. All forms of matter and energy are attracted to that of which is of a like vibration. When a thought or a desire is put out into the universe, it is similar to putting out an energy signal that will radiate into the atmosphere and like a magnet attaching like energy to it bringing it back to its source which is You. The Law of Attraction is an actual manifestation of what your thoughts have created. The universal law is working in your life right now, whether you are aware of it or not. You are attracting the people, situations, jobs and much more into your life. Once you are aware of this law and how it works, you can start to use it to deliberately attract what you want into your life. For example, if you have gone for a new job and left the interview thinking thoughts such as "I don't think they liked me" or "I don't think I am qualified for that job", then you can be rest assured that you are telling the universe that you do not feel worthy of this job and therefore pushing it away from you. The same is true when you come from the same job interview thinking positive thoughts such as "I can do just as good of a job, if not better, than anyone else who has applied for this job", or "I would be a great asset to this company and I expect to get a phone call telling me that I got the job". This type of positive reinforcement instructs the universe that you are just perfect for the job you applied for. Why wouldn't you want the outcome to be what you expected from the beginning. Obviously you went on that job interview intending to get hired for the job. When you start to think in a negative fashion at the outcome, you are negating why you bothered in the first place. Do you see my point? The following are a few easy steps in helping you attain the best possible results to manifesting your desires.

1. Ask the Universe to supply your needs. You must be very precise and clear on your desires. Include specific details including time frames, etc.

2. The universe will say YES.

3. Give it all of your positive energy (always examine why you want what you want and always try and make sure that your desires will not harm anyone and is always intended for the highest good of all concerned) This is an important step to achieve positive results all around the board.

4. Allow it to happen. Don't worry about how it will get done. Allow the universe to put all of the puzzle pieces together and don't worry about the method of delivery. It will come sooner than you think.

5. Expecting is next. You should expect your desires. Act and think as if it already has been delivered into your space. Focus on the expectation and visualize it. This will raise your vibration to the universe and it will pick up the vibrational momentum. Feel good about it. Emotions play a big part in what outcome you attract. There is NO room for doubt. When doubt is present, expectation is absent. This will be the hardest part. Believing that you already have it. Expect miracles. They don't only happen to the other guy. You are just as deserving as anyone else.

6. Be grateful and say thank you !!!! It is as simple as that. When you manifest your desires, just say thank you. The universe does NOT discriminate.

Once you get the hang of this Universal Law, you can use it in your life for any outcome you desire.

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