Sunday, October 17, 2010


Many people have the misconception that a Medium's job is only to deliver messages to their sitter. Let me clarify that; I have to take direction from both this side, as well as The Other Side to make a successful connection. As many people on this side of the veil depend on messages that they desperately hope will filter through me, the same amount of Energies on the other side of the veil depend on my services as well. I work diligently for both sides. It's a two way street and these next stories demonstrate this.

Before I conduct a reading, I do a short meditation. One day while meditating, a young man appeared to me in my vision with the name David. He specifically told me that I was going to read his fiancé and that he wanted me to tell her about a dove. I saw the dove in my vision, but I didn’t know what it meant.
“Just say the word "dove", he instructed me.
“Okay, gotcha!” I answered him mentally.
Now the question was, who was his fiancé? David, I need a hint!
“How will I know her?” I asked him.
“Just tell her,” he replied.
I had four people to read that day and interestingly enough, they were all men. I knew that this message wasn’t for anyone in this group. Since I had a schedule that was booked out for months, David’s fiancé could be one of dozens of people coming to see me. But I didn’t have to wait very long before everything unfolded. The following day, a woman by the name of Terry came to see me. We were almost done with the reading when she looked up at me with great sadness in her eyes and said, "Kim, everything you just told me was completely accurate about my boyfriend… but I’m just a little confused.”
I had no idea what was wrong; I had told her details that resonated with her. Was I missing something? She proceeded to tell me that she and her boyfriend had a code word that they made up before he was dying of cancer. She couldn’t understand why he would give me so many specific details to prove he was here and not share that word. It would convince her that he was truly present.
A light bulb went off over my head as I realized this was the mystery woman. “Terry,” I said, “DOVE.” She began sobbing uncontrollably. Who knew that a single word could make all of the difference in the world? The sign of the dove brings peace, and that is exactly what this word brought to her that day: peace and confirmation that David was still the love of her life, even after death.
This reading demonstrates the power of intention from the world beyond. We stay intact with our personality, thoughts and memories. The bonds of Love can never be destroyed. If you have a moving story about how your deceased loved one intervened in your life, please drop me a line. I would love to hear your amazing story. Until next time, please visit me on my Facebook page entitled Psychic Medium Kim Russo and look for my Tweets on Twitter. Have a blessed October.
Love & Light,
Kim Russo
"The Happy Medium"

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